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Summer Shakespeare 2021 @ Kainui Vineyard

February 2021 will see us returning to Kainui Vineyard for the THIRD time in a row!

Originally, we wanted to do one of Shakespeare's epic tragedy's, the "Scottish Play", however, the pandemic has us longing for something a little lighter with a generous dousing of comedy. 

The Twelfth Night is our pick for some fun and laughter on a warm Summer's evening. Light-hearted entertainment to be enjoyed amongst the vines while sipping on some award winning beer and wine with friends and family. That's what Summer is meant to be about!

The show has been cast and rehearsals are underway!

More details to coming soon.

Open Mic Nights

Are you a performer, song writer, comedian, playwright, poet or similar?


We're building a stage for you! 


If you're keen to get your talent out into the community then get in touch and we will ensure you're the first to be called when we're ready to pull the curtain back on the Open Mic Night stage!  

Pop over to our contact page and get in touch!

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