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Curtain Falls on KTC's Romeo & Juliet

That's a Wrap!

Another year of Summer Shakespeare at Kainui Road Vineyard, done and dusted.

This year's production of Romeo & Juliet received an incredible turn out and absolutely fabulous reviews from the public. Close to 1,000 people came to the show under the stars in February, and here are a few things they had to say...

"Dear the Production team-What an astounding performance 🎭 Tonight you led us through an extremely fantastic piece of history...There were times when you had me sitting on the edge of my scarf (seat)...The emotion was raw and so heart pounded, I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...💝"

"WOW... it was fantastic!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Very well done to everyone❣️" - Janette Walker

"It was a wonderful show and what a background when the sun went down, pure magic." - Sandra Buxton

"You and your wonderful cast and crew knocked it out of the park last night, Janna. That was simply spectacular! Astonishing performances from the two leads, Sjoerd and Teresa, while the supporting cast were so convincing and well-rehearsed with several particular stand-outs. I always know I'm watching fantastic theatre when I'm so drawn in to the story, I fail to notice all the world-class technical flourishes like the lighting, and live band soundscapes. You guys should be so proud of your work. Bravo! - Harley Alexander"

The cast and crew worked extremely hard to create a thoroughly entertaining work of art for the local community (and beyond). We must give special thanks to the super talented technical, sound, costume, props and staging teams. This show would have been very different without the smoke and lights, original soundscapes, 3-tiered set and 'steampunked' actors which all worked together seamlessly but certainly not effortlessly. We love you guys and are inspired by your hard work, dedication and outrageous talent!

Last, but not least, a massive congratulations to our wonderful team of actors. Every single one of you have grown through this production. Director Janna was ruthless in her resolve to get you all to level up, and you should all be VERY proud of yourselves for going several levels above expectation. You are the heart beat of why we do this. The "Theatre Family" feels were real with this show.

Finally, with a little sadness and much excitement for what's to come, the curtain falls on this one, Kerikeri Theatre Company's,

Romeo & Juliet.

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